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Portrait of José María Yturralde by Salvador Álvaro
José María Yturralde - National Prize for Plastic Arts 2020 - News - Lopez de la Serna CAC

José María Yturralde photographed by Salvador Álvaro

José María Yturralde (Cuenca, 1942) has been recognized by the jury of the National Prize for Plastic Arts for his “trajectory with a high level of experimentation that has connected art and science, and in which his work of spatial and formal research stands out, his teaching task in the field of research on mathematical parameters, along with artistic ones”.

In the jury of this prize given by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, María Dolores Jiménez - Blanco (general director of Fine Arts) has been the president and Carmen Giménez (deputy director of the State Museums) has been the vice president this year. The jury included Àngels Ribé (artist), Juan Carlos Moya (project manager of CEART Fuenlabrada), Manuel Fontán del Junco (director of the Fundación Juan March), José Luis Pérez Pont (director of the Comunidad Valenciana Consortium of Museums), Orlando Britto (director of CAAM Las Palmas), Begoña Torres (deputy director of Registers and Documentation of the Historic Heritage) and Susana Blas (curator).