Felipe Pantone: Veladura digital

Madrid, March 4 - May 14, 2021

Press Release

Veladura digital (Digital Glaze) is a project by Felipe Pantone (b. Buenos Aires, 1986) for our space at The Playground. The artist’s first exhibition at the gallery bears a title that refers to giving colour to a monochrome image either by means of light or ink and to the various phenomena that impart chromatic range to the works he has selected for the show. We are giving the first showing of Additive Variability #1, which inaugurates a new interactive series, accompanied by two fresh paintings from his Chromadynamica series.

In Additive Variability, the colour situations depend on LED light, using the RGB (red, green, blue) model. Here the chromaticism is defined by users interacting with the work by colouring it from their mobile phone so that the final appearance of the piece is the outcome of their choices. Such direct intervention in how the work is set up allows for a wide range of possibilities that transform the space it occupies and influence the way it is perceived by the spectator, whose involvement Pantone has always sought in his projects and installations.

In contrast, the colour situations in the Chromadynamica series depend on subtractive variability and are based on the CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) model. In these paintings, both created for this show at the gallery, an element of randomness arises from the ways that the artist shifts the surface as the printer lays down the different component colours. As the viewer changes position, the works give the sense of vibration, reminiscent of the works of kinetic and Op artists such as Victor Vasarely, Carlos Cruz-Díez, and Bridget Riley, while bringing the popular culture references of his own time (comics, graffiti, graphic design, science fiction).

Pantone's work deals with dynamism, transformation, the digital revolution, and other present-day themes, evoking something akin to a collision between the analogue past and the digitalised future. He reflects on the ways in which visual information is consumed and how we are overloaded with it, as he questions our tendency to place new technologies at the centre of our everyday experience, as well as being dependent on a saturation of images and symbols. His style is characterised by the use of intense colours, geometric patterns, and Op art elements that he combines and fuses into an ultra-modern aesthetic, responding to the urban landscapes we inhabit.

As a teenager, he had his start in the world of graffiti, but lettering gave way to geometric abstraction, and he has been combining studio work with creating works for public spaces and collaborating with other artists and companies. From those early days, he has kept his speed of execution, as well as his interest in making art accessible and reaching the widest possible audience.

Felipe Pantone is one of the most prominent figures in today's renewed urban art scene. A multidisciplinary and innovative artist, he studied Fine Art in Leeds and Valencia, where he currently has his studio. He has carried out numerous public art projects all over the world from Miami to Seoul, taking in places such as New York, Mexico, London, Oslo, Lisbon, Brussels, Ibiza, Moscow, Bangkok, Osaka, Melbourne, Montreal. He has exhibited internationally at institutions such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and has been included in Beyond the Streets in New York (2019) and Los Angeles (2018) and Art from the streets at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore (2018). He recently created a mosaic of his Chromadynamica series at Valencia’s Universidad Politécnica.

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Felipe Pantone: Veladura digital

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