Eduardo Sarabia: Expediciones (Finca Cortesin, Málaga)

Madrid, August 3 - October 3, 2020

Press Release

Narrative is the starting point for Eduardo Sarabia’s work. The visual language that he has developed over many years and his personal aesthetic code derive from his own life experiences, but especially from a kind of fiction that always goes along with the construction of a story. Born in Los Angeles, California, to Mexican parents, his work addresses the cultural impact of social phenomena, and those historic - geographical influences end up permeating his work. The autobiographical references in Sarabia’s paintings and series serve to locate his explorations, but remain suppressed or hidden, leaving interpretation open and allowing for emphasis on what frames the cultural and socio-political events of his life. This is particularly clear in the painting, where personal photographs are interrupted by dabs that are almost floral, that both open up a tautological reflection and refer to the inner stories that make up his world, and in the process through which we are all able to re-echo forgetfulness, fiction, and living memory.

Sarabia’s graphic memories also fill the role of bringing power to his own story by reaffirming a voice that has to speak from a distance to shine a light on what is not talked about*. But this distance is dominated by his interest in the association of cultural elements that simply emerge during his travels and field research, or that he creates himself to be able to narrate the fusion, a particular flavour or vibration of what he discerns and observes in the cultural mix.

It is in his research expeditions and in transit that the artist creates the greatest encounter with others, as the basis for engaging in the act of empathy and connection. In Expediciones (Expeditions), we see the artist’s recent work, where he continues to reflect on journeying and on the small tales that emerge from the autobiographical, but this time relying on the importance of the practice of painting itself, and of art in general, as a way of generating a new vision for the future. For Sarabia, now more than ever, this is the moment to use our collective imagination to create a future, just when reality appears such an enigma to us.

*Lorena Peña Brito, Danza Arbórea. Exhibition catalogue for El Toro y Otros Relatos. Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City (Mexico City: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México / Saenger Editores, 2019).

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Eduardo Sarabia

Eduardo Sarabia: Expediciones (Finca Cortesin, Málaga)

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